Julia and Agave havardiana Martin and his Siesta Julia and Martin between Yuccas Julia, enjoying the evening sun Julia in Black Sand Basin Julia in the Redwoods Apéro at the Camino Viejo Martin taking pictures Martin repairing Julia in hammock at the Playa Coyote Apéro at the Playa Coyote Evening at the beach of San Francisquito Julia takes pictures of Dudleya pulverulenta Julia with Sequoia Cook Martin with Kristin and Blair Martin and Gil River Rafting Julia and Martin canoeing on Lake Huntington romantic apéro in the garage in Langley Merry Christmas! Julia in the PocoLoco photographic studio Julia takes pictures of Agave impressa Julia takes pictures of Agave subsimplex Julia at the Crater Elegante, Pinacate NP Julia and Martin in the hot springs near Aconchi Martin as a dangerous photographer, Indian Coral Mesa Martin in the Mezquital Canyon Martin changes a tire Julia takes pictures of Agave polianthiflora Julia takes pictures of Agave victoriae-reginae Julia in the kitchen of a rancho Professional photographer Martin on duty Julia smells Agave striata Prickly hug Julia takes pictures of Echinocactus platyacanthus Julia and Martin with whale skull Preparing dinner At the campfire at Minas San Rafael Time for another siesta Martin with Pachyphytum kimnachii Demanded model Cooking teacher Martin in San Luis Potosi Martins favorite activity: Siesta Julia takes pictures of Mammillaria longiflora
Julia on her way to Fort Bottom Julia with Dudleya brittonii (grün) Julia with Valerie and John wine tasting (Opus One) Julia and Martin on the Kelso Dunes Julia with Agave sobria Julia in action in the Canyon El Lentisco Julia presents dinner Julia with living rattlesnakes Martin prepares Indian lamb Julia and Martin in the Sequoia NP Martin Martin with giant Ferocactus Martin collecting seeds from Agave capensis Martin takes pictures of Dudleya attenuata Martin with Agave sobria Julia with Nora-Mama in San Francisco Gnome Martin at the side of a Cardón Siesta under a Cardón Julia with Agave chrysoglossa Julia in cliff with Agave pelona Martin with baby Siamese cat Martin grinds corn for tortillas Camping in the cold near Prescott Julia with Ferocactus pilosus Martin searches for gold Chef on the Gillespie Ranch Martin with our dinner Martin with a huge Echinocactus platyacanthus Collecting the dessert Julia and Martin between Sequoias Julia with Hesperoyucca whippleyi, Sequoia Park Martin with Agave parryi var. truncata