Because we are on the road we cannot update our website as often as we personally would like to. Please be patient with us! Thanks!

Within the last few months we added or changed the following website pages ( = latest additions):

- Travelog 133 "Cuba IV: Flora II" (03/19/2017) (direct link here)
- Travelog 132 "Cuba IV: Flora I" (03/19/2017) (direct link here)
- Travelog 131 "Cuba III: Casas Particulares" (03/14/2017) (direct link here)
- Travelog 130 "Cuba II: Unbelievable but true" (11/19/2016) (direct link here)
- Travelog 129 "Cuba I: Postponed, but still happening" (04/30/2016) (direct link here)