Here we will present interesting recipes, which we think are easy or worth the time to prepare. We have learned about most of them during our travels or we brought them with us from Europe. For easier navigation we've split the recipes into the following groups (see below). The red NEW-sign gives you the opportunity to find the most recently updated recipes.

Something delicious for the Aperitif

Marinated Dried Tomatoes




Bacon Wrapped Dates

Chile güero


Pulpo a la Gallega

Chava's Pico de Gallo

Do˝a Tere's Camarones al Aguachile

Fresh Goat Cheese Ó la Mexicana

Fresh Fruits served Jalisco Style

Chile Pickles

Camaron al Aguachile Estilo Urique

Pickled Eggs I - with Turmeric and Ginger NEW

Pickled Eggs II - Ó la Provenšale NEW

Pickled Eggs III - with Mustard NEW

Breads from around the World

Wholewheat Bread, as you like it

Zopf, a Swiss Specialty

Specialties for the Main Course

Chicken Chili with Tequila and Lime

Spiny Lobster with Pernod Butter

Susannes' Sauerkraut Soup

Braised Royal Lamb

Tri Tip Steak from the BBQ

Margarets' Red Lentil Soup


Austrian Saft-Gulyas with Semmelknödeln

Salmon-Filet with Pink Peppercorn Sauce

Chiles en Nogada

Mexican Melon Salad

Huitlacoche Soup

Chiles en Nogada Bicentenario Style

Threecolored Rice

Sauces/Salsas, better than anything you can buy

Fruity Curry Sauce

Tomatillo Salsa

Chile Chipotle Salsa

The Best Salsa Ever!

Watch your figure - Desserts

Dolce Torinese

Flambéed Barbecue Bananas

Saguaro Fruits

Chinese Egg Tarts

Apricot Dumplings

Viennese Poppy Seed Strudel

Mexican Brownies

Poppy Seed Marbled Cake NEW