The Best Salsa Ever!

Works great with quesadillas, grilled meat, refried beans, and much more



dried chiles de árbol


garlic clove





coarse sea salt


Toast the chiles in a small fryin pan or on a small baking tray. The smoke of the chiles tends to get up into your nose and can provoke fits of coughing! You have also try it other types of chiles. The salsa gets the most intensive smoky flavor when using dried chiles like chile morita or chile rallado.

If you like a nutty flavor, separate the seeds from the chiles, place the seeds in aluminum foil and toast in the pan. Grind in a mortar (or a spice grinder) and add to the salsa at the very end.

Peel the garlic clove and add to a mortar. Add the salt and the toasted chiles and grind to a paste.

Peel the tomatillos and wash with the tomatoe, dry and roast without oil or liquids in the same pan as before until the tomatillos and the tomato have blackened and are becoming tender. At the end add a little water, put on a lid and let it steam for a short while. (Attention, the pan/tray could end up with black spots, so use an old frying pan). Cool the tomatoes.

Add the tomatoes to the chile-garlic-paste and grind to a coarse salsa in the mortar.

Our special hint: If you can't find tomatillos, use tomatoes, the salsa will turn out red. According to your taste you can add chopped onions and cilantro leaves as a garnish. The salsa can also be made in a blender. Let it run for a short while to end up with a typically coarse salsa.