Dolce Torinese

One of Martins favorite recipes
(serves 8)


250 g

plain (dark) chocolate


cup dark Rum

250 g


2 tbsp



eggs, separated

150 g

blanched almonds, grated


pinch salt


Petit Beurre cookies


Melt the chocolate in a small pan over low heat. When the chocolate is melted, add the Rhum let the mixture cool down.

Beat the (room temperature) butter until fluffy, than add the sugar first and than the egg yolks one after the other. Beat the mixture until fluffy. Add the grated almonds and the chocolate and stir carefully.

Beat the egg-whites with a pinch of salt and fold in the chocolate mixture. Break the cookies into small pieces and stir them (without the crumbs) into the mixture. Line a cake-tin with clear wrapping foil and pour the mixture in. Cover with the foil and let the "cake" cool down in the fridge for at least 4 hours (better overnight). Take the "cake" out of the fridge well before you serve it. Take it out of the foil und cut it in thin slices with a very sharp (and perhaps hot) knife.

Our special hint:
Of course you can prepare this mixture for 8 people only for 2...