Chiles en Nogada Bicentenario Style

The culmination of a Mexican feast, but only worth the work if you're doing it for a big crowd

(serves 8)



Poblano chiles


pomegranate, kernels only



2 pounds

beef/pork (minced meat or one entire piece, or both meats mixed)


onion, in quarters


garlic cloves

bay leaves

1/2 cup

butter or lard


medium onion, chopped


tomatoes, chopped


apple, peeled and finely chopped


peaches, finely chopped


banana, peeled and finely chopped

1/2 cup

candied lemon

1/2 cup

raisins or dried cranberries

1/2 cup

pine nuts

1/2 cup

almond slivers

a pinch of sugar

Nut Sauce

2 1/2 cup


3/4 cup

almonds, blanched and peeled

1 1/4 cup

fresh goat cheese (like Chavroux or another goat cheese roll)

1/2 cup

sour cream and milk in equal parts

4 tbsp

dry sherry

1 tbsp


1 ts



For the meat cook the beef or pork in water with onion quarters and garlic and bay leaves. Season well. We personally prefer one piece of meat that is cooked as it is and then minced. You can use minced meat which is less labor-intensive.

In the meantime wash and dry the chiles. Place them on a tray and using the broil function of your oven blacken them on all sides. Be careful not to blacken and cook them too much since they will brak in pieces when you try to peel them. Brown them just enough and place them in a plastic bag, seal the bag and let them "cook" for a while. If you have sensitive hands, use rubber gloves to peel and seed the chiles. Pay attention that the chiles don't break or tear up since they have to be stuffed later.

For the filling fry the chopped onion in butter or lard, add the tomatoes and fry a little more. Season with salt, pepper and sugar. Add the rest of the ingredients, including the meat, and let cook through for a short time until all the flavours have developed.

For the nut sauce blend all the ingredients in a blender. If the sauce is too thick, add more of the sour cream-milk-mixture.

Stuff the chiles with the filling and arrange in a Mexican ceramic dish. Keep warm in the oven.

Shortly before serving the chiles, arrange them on a plate, cover with nut sauce and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds. Decorate with a parsely leaf.

Serve chiles with threecolored rice.